Applying a Health Equity Approach to Healthcare Communications

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For public health practitioners, health equity is the name of the game. Health equity refers to is the fair distribution of health determinants, outcomes, and resources within and between segments of the population, regardless of social standing” (CDC, 2007). The way we talk about health concepts needs to have applicability to the populations we serve. We can only do this by regularly and systematically analyzing the wording and framing that we use as healthcare and public health professionals. The purpose of this workshop is to highlight the many ways in which health equity in healthcare communications matters. Participants will leave the webinar with 1) a better understanding of what health communication is as a discipline, 2) how health a health-equity approach matters for health communications, and 3) how they can implement these skills in their own line of work.  

Presenter: Chelsea Dade, MS

Chelsea Dade is emerging health communication and advocacy professional with a Master of Science in Health Communication from Northwestern University and a profound interest in barriers to healthcare for disenfranchised communities. Health Communication is her "bread and butter" because it provides her with an outlet to focus on ways that race, stigma, and inequity impact conversations about health and healthcare delivery. In 2018, she created a blog called Communicate For Health Justice, which is focused on her niche interests within health communication. She believes that from this perspective, conversations about patient engagement and safety in healthcare cannot exist without also addressing the social, structural, and cultural foundations that make engaging individuals in their healthcare difficult. Chelsea has presented at local Chicago universities and health associations has acquired multiple consulting roles in her specialty and is quickly becoming experienced health equity professional in the communications and policy arena.

Keywords: HESPA I, Area 2.3.4, Area 2.3.5, Communication, Health Equity


Open to view video.
Open to view video.
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1.00 Entry-level CECH, CPH credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 Entry-level CECH, CPH credit  |  Certificate available