Mental Health: Disparities, Community Participatory Research, & Mindfulness

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Adolescent depression and mental health are of great public health significance given associations with educational deficits, suicidal ideation, and interpersonal impairment.  Unfortunately, disparities exist in both access to treatment and the quality of care received by youth of color (and marginalized youth) once they enter care (if at all).  CBPR and community engagement provide the foundations for equitable, empowering, and restorative engagement with traditionally ostracized communities in both research and clinical care. Thus, our efforts with the AAKOMA Project (built upon 20 years of scientific evidence focused on culturally relevant mental health research and care) is perfectly poised to improve mental health care and reduce mental illness stigma in African American/Black and communities of color. Thus, our work is poised to support improvements in treatment-seeking for mental illness among Black youth and their families and to create a positive impact on mental health service use for disparities populations.

Mindfulness is a specific technique that has proven mental and physical health benefits.  This webinar will explain mindfulness-based practices and benefits; define 'trauma-sensitive mindfulness''; and discuss variations of mindful walking as an effective and available exercise.  A short experiential session will be included in the webinar.

Learning Objectives

At the end of this session, participants will be able to:

  • Demonstrate an understanding of the definitions associated with racial mental health disparities and apply these concepts to work on the mental health of the youth of color.
  • Demonstrate an understanding of the concepts and terminology of supportive race/culture as it relates to the mental health of racially diverse youth.
  • Synthesize and apply lessons learned (regarding disparities, mental health, and race/culture) to day-to-day work in public health.
  • Understand the distinguishing features of mindfulness-based practices
  • Understand the definition and importance of trauma-sensitive mindfulness

Keywords: HESPA I, Area 1, Health Disparities, Mental Health


Open to view video.
Open to view video.
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1.00 Entry-level CECH, CPH credit  |  Certificate available
1.00 Entry-level CECH, CPH credit  |  Certificate available