I1: Newer Frontiers of the Tobacco Challenge: Prevalence of Tobacco, e-Cigarette, and Cannabis Use Among Youth and LGBTQ+ Communities

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This session examines the assessment, planning, implementation of public health programming designed to diminish the presence of tobacco, vaping, and drinkables of tobacco and cannabis.

Learning objective(s):
•Analyze at least two community engagement strategies designed to improve LGBTQ community disparities to tobacco prevention and cessation.
•Interpret data on the relationship between e-cigarette, energy drinks, and cigarette use, with the dietary, exercise, and sleep patterns of adolescents.
•Explain at least three dietary risks associated with single and/or dual-use electronic vapor products and cannabis.
•Describe the implementation of tailored tobacco-free messaging to young adults across multiple platforms in support of the T21 law.

Moderator: Kay Deaner

Featured presentations:
•Tobacco Prevention and Cessation as an LGBTQ Issue in SE Pennsylvania - Katie Suppes, MEd
•E-cigarette, Energy Drink, and Behavior Patterns Among Adolescents - Jeff Housman, PhD, MCHES® and Ron Williams, Jr., PhD, CHES®
•Association of Vaping and Cannabis Use with Dietary Habits Among Youth - Georgina Orozco
•Tobacco 21 Awareness Campaign – "Keeping Future Generations Healthy”- Chelsey Hildebrand, MPH, CTTS and Molly Pisciottano, MHA

Kay Deaner, RN, MEd, CHES (Moderator)

Kay is a retired Register Nurse from local community hospital. Memberships include: PA SOPHE, SOPHE (member since 2000, Midyear/Annual Meeting Conference Planning Committee for several years, Chaired Midyear/Annual CE Committee for several years, Board of Trustees 2008 0 2010, House of Delegates 2008 – 2012, Chaired CE Committee for many years), American Heart Association, American Cancer Society, Boy Scouts of America, Cornwall-Lebanon School District and Church to name a few. Mother of three wonderful children and grandmother of four great grandchildren.

Katie Suppes, M.Ed.

Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center

Katie Suppes, M.Ed. (she/her) is the Director of Programs, Research, & Evaluation at Bradbury-Sullivan LGBT Community Center in Allentown, Pennsylvania. In this role, she provides supervision and support to the organization's health and supportive service programs, daily youth program, research initiatives, and arts & culture programs. Katie earned her Master's of Education from Lehigh University and her B.A. in English & Political Science at Moravian University. She is a member of the Pennsylvania Public Health Association and the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality.

Jeff Housman, PhD, MCHES®

Associate Professor

Texas State University

Dr. Jeff Housman is a Professor of Public Health at Texas State University where he serves as the Undergraduate Program Coordinator for the B.S. in Public Health. He is a health behavior social scientist with specific training in health behavior, assessment and measurement of social ecological influences on health behavior, quantitative behavioral data analysis, and public health program planning and evaluation. His research spans a variety of content areas including adolescent use of energy drinks, alcohol mixed with energy drinks, and non-medical use of prescription stimulants and opioids.

Ron Williams, Jr., PhD, CHES

Texas State University

Dr. Ron Williams, Jr. earned his Ph.D. in public health education and promotion from the University of Alabama. He is currently a Professor of Public Health within the Department of Health and Human Performance at Texas State where he also serves as the Graduate Program Coordinator. His research focuses primarily on the social ecology of substance abuse prevention and risky behaviors among adolescents. He has served as PI or co-PI on over $2.8 million in grant funding.

Georgina Orozco

California State University Stanislaus

My name is Georgina Orozco I am an undergraduate student at California State University Stanislaus. I will be receiving a B.S. in exercise science with a concentration in rehabilitation science and a minor in psychology. This is my second year conducting undergraduate research as a Ronald E. McNair Scholar. In my current professional role, I work as physical therapy technician. I am interested in research pertaining to health promotion, therapy, and psychology.

Chelsey Hildebrand, MPH, C.T.T.S.

American Lung Association

Chelsey Hildebrand is a Health Promotions, Manager with the American Lung Association in Pennsylvania, where she oversees regional tobacco control grants. Chelsey oversees the Northcentral, Northeast, and Southcentral regions in Pennsylvania, as the Regional Primary Contractor for the Pennsylvania Department of Health, Division of Tobacco Control. Chelsey is responsible for leading and implementing tobacco cessation services, tobacco-free policy assistance, youth prevention programs, and legislative education in the 35 counties. Chelsey received her Master’s in Public Health from West Chester University, as well as obtained her Certified Tobacco Treatment Specialist certificate from Mayo Clinic.


I1: Newer Frontiers of the Tobacco Challenge: Prevalence of Tobacco, e-Cigarette, and Cannabis Use Among Youth and LGBTQ+ Communities
03/25/2022 at 2:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 03/30/2022
03/25/2022 at 2:00 PM (EDT)  |  Recorded On: 03/30/2022
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