Substance Use and Misuse: Prevention and Perceptions

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This session will provide an overview of substance use and misuse prevention and examples of prevention programs & their messaging to adults, evaluation, and perceptions around its stigma. 

Learning Objectives:

1. Apply research insights to the design of impactful health education messages addressing misconceptions and knowledge gaps surrounding opioid use and misuse. 

2. Evaluate how population subsets, including individuals who use cannabis, and additional special populations (i.e., pregnant, and breastfeeding women) require unique, tailored education messages following cannabis legalization. 

3. Design at least two prevention messages for teens relevant to social isolation and COVID-19 related challenges. 

4. Explore at least two patterns of cigarette, e-cigarette, and dual-use behaviors and beliefs among Hispanic adults in the U.S.

Lanise A. Hutchins


Lanise Hutchins is a Program Manager for Population Health Programs at BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee. She manages projects focusing on quality, efficiency, cost-effectiveness, and overall improved health for the Medicaid population. Lanise has a Bachelor’s and Master’s in Communication from the University of Tennessee, Chattanooga, and Knoxville, respectively. In 2015, she earned a Doctor of Philosophy degree in Public Health from Walden University and became certified as a Health Education Specialist. Also, she joined SOPHE and served in various roles, such as an abstract reviewer, member of the SOPHE conference planning committee, and previously as a moderator. Lanise has served in several roles within the community, encouraging healthier lifestyles. She believes in the importance of education and promotion to improve and protect the health of the community.

Jensen Saintilien

Research Assistant

Rescue Agency

Jensen Saintilien Bio: Jensen Saintilien, MPH is a Jr. Research Associate with Rescue Agency, where he has been involved in a variety of health research projects on topics including opioid misuse, stimulant misuse, and marijuana use/education. His research focuses on qualitative data that informs the development of health promotion campaigns targeting high-risk groups.

Katie McCabe

Associate Research Director

Rescue Agency

Katie McCabe, MPH is an Associate Research Director with Rescue Agency, where she has led over 25 health research projects investigating a range of topics including opioid misuse, binge drinking, and marijuana use. Her research focuses on segmenting adults and youth into high-risk groups to understand ways to develop tailored health promotion messages that resonate with at-risk audiences.

Marlene Camacho-Rivera

Assistant Professor

SUNY Downstate Health Sciences University

Marlene Camacho-Rivera is an Assistant Professor in the Department of Community Health Sciences at SUNY Downstate School of Public Health. As a social and chronic disease epidemiologist by training, her research focuses on:


J1. Substance Use and Misuse: Prevention and Perceptions
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