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Hi! My name is Kathleen Middleton and ToucanEd is my company. What does the name of the company mean you say? Two can educate, because originally, two educators started the company. We collected other toucans in the form of great editors, designers, and writers. Along with them came flexible scheduling, technology, and pets in the workplace including Otto, my pet Coton de Tulear.

I started my career as a health education middle school teacher and loved teaching 7th and 8th graders skills for making good decisions about their health. After I left the classroom, I have been creating curricula, training, and custom design for projects to help teachers be awesome health teachers. ToucanEd has had the pleasure of working with many different types of organizations including non profits, health departments, clinics, and schools, developing and creating educational materials for them. We have also ventured into e-commerce and Amazon as well as our shopping site with our intellectual property. Please contact us about things we have created or things you need to have created. www.toucaned.shop

Wash Those Germs Away example video

Infection Control: Preventing the spread of GERMS example video


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