SOPHE's Toolkit to Support Remote Delivery of AAEBIs

Welcome to the SOPHE Toolkit to Support Remote Delivery of Arthritis-Appropriate Evidence-Based Interventions (AAEBIs)!

Since COVID-19, many in the public and health services sectors expanded programming and services from in-person formats to remote delivery. This toolkit provides resources for health educators, health providers, community organization representatives, and other stakeholders wishing to gain knowledge and actionable steps to deliver remote formats of AAEBIs. 

The pages within the toolkit contain program descriptions, a comparison table of programs, and external resources that can help health educators and other professionals at any stage of AAEBI activity, from program discovery to long-term maintenance. 


This toolkit includes the following sections:

Getting Started

This page shares general information about arthritis and why addressing arthritis from a public health standpoint is important. It also includes an introduction to AAEBIs and those programs available for remote delivery.


Physical Activity Programs and Self-Management Programs

This section of the toolkit provides relevant information about each AAEBI available for remote delivery including the following: 

  • Program Description—A high-level summary of key characteristics of the programs.
  • Contact Information—For the program developer/administrator providing oversight for the program.
  • Planning—Links to external resources for planning how the program can be incorporated into a public health setting.
  • Implementation—Links to external resources for successfully implementing the program without having to start from scratch.
  • Data Collection—Links to external resources summarizing the evaluation of the program and tools for public health professionals to use when evaluating the program once implementation has begun.
  • Sustainability—Links to external resources that provide ideas for maintaining programs and embedding them in ongoing delivery systems.

Universal Tools

This section provides links to resources that can be adapted or applied to any of the AAEBIs. 

 Additional Resources

This section provides resources to expand your knowledge about public health programming, evidence-based programming, and successful program delivery models.

Acronym Key

This downloadable resource provides a quick reference for the many terms related to arthritis, remote-program planning and delivery, and various organizations that provide arthritis-related information. If you are new to this area, the acronym key will be especially handy.