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  • Equity and Anti-Racism Approaches to Public Health

    Includes Credits

    In this webinar, the panelists will highlight key initiatives and resources that promote the identification of racism and encourage public health professionals to work strategically and collectively to adopt antiracist policies within their agencies and communities of practice.

  • LinkedIn to Promote an Academic Journal and Advance Public Health Practice

    Product not yet rated Includes a Live Web Event on 09/16/2021 at 2:00 PM (EDT)

    This presentation will describe the planning, implementation, and results of implementing a social marketing strategy for a public health journal on LinkedIn. A five-month analysis of activity from LinkedIn and evaluation of the overall project will be discussed. The authors will describe the needs assessment planning and preparation for launching a company page, the posting strategy, and an analysis of interaction with the page and individual posts. Finally, there will be an analysis of the successes and significant lessons learned based on both the overall social media promotion goals of Health Promotion Practice Journal and the goals for establishing a presence on LinkedIn, including encouraging engagement from new, mid-career and seasoned public health professionals.

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  • Creative Collaborations: Engaging Community Discussion and Education Through the Arts

    Product not yet rated Includes Credits

    June is National Safety Month, making it an ideal time to discuss how communities can address health, safety, and harm reduction initiatives. The purpose of this webinar is to discuss how communities use art to ‘tell the story of health behavior and behavior change.

  • WSCC Team Training Modules Digital Workshop

    WSCC Team Training Modules Digital Workshop

  • Aligning the CHES® and MCHES® credentialing examinations with HESPA II 2020​​

    Product not yet rated

    The Health Education Specialist Practice Analysis (HESPA) II 2020 reflects contemporary practice of health education specialists and serves as the framework for preparation, credentialing, and continuing education in the profession. As such, the Certified Health Education Specialist (CHES®) and Master Certified Education Specialist (MCHES®) credentialing examinations are being revised to reflect the updated competencies and sub-competencies validated by the HESPA II 2020. Notable updates in health education specialist practice reflected in the examinations include an expansion of advocacy and communication competencies, as well as a more prominent emphasis on ethics and professionalism. The revision process includes many stages: setting specifications for examination construction based upon the practice analysis; item bank review; item gap analysis; item writing; exam construction with multiple forms; and standard-setting of the examinations. The revision process is conducted separately for the CHES® and MCHES® examinations. This presentation will review each of the steps undertaken to ensure the validity of the examinations that will be introduced in 2022 and used until 2026. Presenters will also differentiate the CHES® and MCHES® examinations.​

  • Kick-Start Your Career Through SOPHE Leadership

    Product not yet rated Includes Credits

    Kick-Start Your Career Through SOPHE Leadership Attend this live webinar session to learn more about the volunteer leadership opportunities SOPHE has to offer and how they can impact your professional career growth and skill building.

  • Value of Lifestyle Management Programs for Improving the Health and Well-being of Older Americans during Covid-19 and Beyond

    Product not yet rated Includes Credits

    Please log in to your CORE eLearn account (free to register). To view this recording, add this webinar to your cart and enter the code "ARTHRITIS". This webinar will describe the basis for evidence-based programs approved by the HHS Administration for Community Living and provide examples of a community agency and state health department that are engaged in collaboratives to provide AAEBIs and the challenges to pivoting to telehealth delivery during a pandemic.

  • Using the New Health Education Teacher Preparation Standards to Create Program Assessments

    Includes Credits

    This webinar will provide an orientation to the new Health Education Teacher Preparation standards and give examples of assessments. Use this code at your purchase from the shopping cart: SOPHEStandards.

  • Health Literacy: Words Matter

    Includes Credits

    In this webinar, you will learn the critical importance of health literacy in combating today’s public health challenges and to understand, through case studies, how health literacy affects entire populations.

  • Area of Responsibility I: Assessment of Needs and Capacity

    Product not yet rated Includes Credits

    In this module, learners will gain the knowledge and skills needed to assess the needs and capacity of a priority population. The information discussed in this module will aid in understanding modules II-IV. This module will only have a 10-minute video and share many handouts for you to apply with your continued studies for the CHES exam.