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  • LinkedIn to Promote an Academic Journal and Advance Public Health Practice

    Product not yet rated Contains 3 Component(s) Includes a Live Web Event on 05/18/2021 at 2:00 PM (EDT)

    This presentation will describe the planning, implementation, and results of implementing a social marketing strategy for a public health journal on LinkedIn. A five-month analysis of activity from LinkedIn and evaluation of the overall project will be discussed. The authors will describe the needs assessment planning and preparation for launching a company page, the posting strategy, and an analysis of interaction with the page and individual posts. Finally, there will be an analysis of the successes and significant lessons learned based on both the overall social media promotion goals of Health Promotion Practice Journal and the goals for establishing a presence on LinkedIn, including encouraging engagement from new, mid-career and seasoned public health professionals.

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  • R.E.F.O.R.M. Café: A Virtual Social Justice Health Education Program for College Students

    Product not yet rated Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits Recorded On: 02/09/2021

    The need for social justice pedagogy is essential as health inequities become more apparent as a result of COVID-19 and current protests. Using the World Café methodology, the virtual R.E.F.O.R.M. Café was implemented as a community health program during remote-learning instruction. Using the Zoom break-out room function, students were provided an opportunity to generate three rounds of conversation to define change agency, willingness to act as a change agent, and ways to improve curriculum to encourage race equity reform. Recommendations from the study may assist health educators and practitioners to improve the course curriculum to involve social justice pedagogy and create virtual community health programs. Although health disparities in the U.S. have occurred for centuries, health educators and practitioners must come together to create a dialogue regarding the social injustices that continue to impact individual and community health and make recommendations for enduring change.

  • Facilitating Positive Body Image During a Positive Body Image Symposium

    Product not yet rated Contains 3 Component(s) Recorded On: 02/09/2021

    This presentation will discuss the creation of a PBIS and the four years of evaluations.

  • Equity and Anti-Racism Approaches to Public Health

    Contains 3 Component(s), Includes Credits

    In this webinar, the panelists will highlight key initiatives and resources that promote the identification of racism and encourage public health professionals to work strategically and collectively to adopt antiracist policies within their agencies and communities of practice.